Saturday, 2 June 2012

I had an idea....

As soon as you say that you instruct computer classes people immediately think you know everything about computers and they have a question for you. Sometimes you have an answer and other times you think maybe you should go back to school. In all my years working with computers (over 25) I have never taken any formal training in computers. I just have a passion for learning STUFF on computers. I am self taught and wish I could find training that I could take that would fill in all the puzzle pieces of knowledge on computers but they just don't have a course on it.

In my blog I wanted to have something that I could show to students for their own creation but I also wanted to have a place that I could write all my favorite little bits of knowledge and knew things that I find out. I love my lap top and my iPad and now I am try to figure out my new smartphone. So here I will write things that I marvel at and things that I just want to pass on.

See come back often and read my posts as they unfold.

Bits n' Pieces
dgk :)

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